You only have two options when traveling across the country in a hurry; book a commercial flight or go through a private airline. Though flying with private jet charters costs more, their benefits are worth the inflated price. Once you land, consider extending the luxurious experience with black car service from Williamsburg Chauffeur Service LLC.


Commercial flights, especially to major cities, pack hundreds of people on each plane and thousands in the airport. While overcrowded travel has numerous drawbacks, the lack of privacy is arguably the worst.

There isn’t much to do on a flight other than work, sleep, read, or watch a movie. Unfortunately, the constant chatter from other travelers and interruptions from flight staff can make it impossible to focus or find a moment’s peace, even in first class.

However, only you and your party will be on the plane when you fly with private jet charters, so you can focus solely on whatever you need.


Traveling in a cramped airplane cabin with hundreds of people also limits comfort and relaxation. It’s impossible to avoid bumping shoulders with other travelers or feeling at ease surrounded by strangers. The limited legroom and lumbar support on the average commercial flight only worsen things.

Private jet travel takes those factors out of the equation so that you don’t have to tuck yourself into a corner to maintain personal space. Additionally, private aviation companies prioritize comfort, so your seat will be plusher and provide more leg space than you would get with commercial travel.

Minimal Down Time

Most people on commercial flights spend hours in the airport and on grounded airplanes before their journey begins. That time adds up when airports account for hundreds of flyers, often resulting in delays.

On the other hand, most people who fly with private jet charters take off within 15 minutes of getting to the airport. That’s because the staff only needs to accommodate a small party rather than hundreds of people. So, they can get to their safety inspections quicker, saving you hours of idle waiting.


When most people travel across the state, they book a commercial flight. Unfortunately, that means competing against thousands of people to get anywhere, limiting when they can take off, where they sit on the plane, and where they can book a ticket.

Because people don’t fly with private jet charters as much as commercial companies, fewer people are vying for availability. That means you can book private planes last minute and get an ideal take-off time without hassle. Additionally, since the private aircraft staff only accommodates your party, they don’t have to adhere to a rigid take-off schedule and can leave early if necessary.

Travel With Your Pets

Your pet cannot fly with you on commercial flights unless it is a service animal. However, private flights have more relaxed animal travel rules, so you can bring your furry friend on the plane and treat them to the luxury of private aviation.

Landing Closer to Your Destination

Commercial flights are often too large to land at small airports in rural destinations. However, when you fly with private jet charters, you can land at any terminal you want, putting you as close as possible to your destination.

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