Keep your trip professional with a bus or luxury vehicle

We are passionate about giving you more continuity on your professional corporate trips so that even the traveling is luxurious. The time when you’re being transported to other locations is important and it can be elevated when you hire us to conduct the experience for an affordable price range. You can either choose between a bus or a van depending on how many there are. If you’re not sure, then it might be wiser to go with a larger bus because meetings can be spontaneous and require the transportation of extra passengers you meet. We will equip you with the right luxury vehicle and a professional driver who will keep the journey smooth and excellent overall.

Travel with larger groups of people

If you’re looking to travel with a big group then we recommend the usage of one of our options like the 12 passenger executive minibus. It has luxury leather seats with tinted windows for a feeling of privacy and exclusivity. It also features TV/DVD options, Bluetooth radio, charging ports, and WiFi connectivity if you need to analyze the numbers prior to your arrival. Not only that but if you have luggage then it will be secured out of the way for your convenience. We also have 16 passenger limo buses that have the same features. If things are going to be extensive with a larger amount of people then we have either the 28 or 32 passenger executive minibus that will give you more than enough space!

Consider a smaller vehicle for smaller groups

If you’re only traveling with a few people then an executive bus is obviously not necessary. In this case, we recommend going with a more compact vehicle like the Lincoln MKT, Chrysler 300, Cadillac Escalade, or the Chevrolet Suburban. These are all beautiful luxury options that will over-deliver and give you a sense of prestige when traveling with your business friends and associates. You will thrive getting to your destination in these and we will always ensure you’re giving bottled water and anything else preferred.

We get you there with professionalism and finesse

Our fleet is highly equipped to handle the most intense road conditions so you will notice that things are smoother. We take careful routes to ensure that the ride isn’t bumpy and avoid all the routes that are heavy in traffic. Our commitment to your cause goes above and beyond the call of duty as we navigate effectively and adapt to your situation. If you need to make a stop then we will pull over and cater to your needs. Our staff is proud to drive each individual vehicle and provide you with a more viable executive transport service that will be professional and memorable. You will find that our vehicles are top-notch and are equipped to handle any job.

Luxury Seating and Features

At Williamsburg Chauffeur Service, we make sure to give you the best options regarding Vans and Buses that are fine-tuned before every ride and even detailed thoroughly before every excursion. This means that you’re getting a fresh and wonderful experience with drinks, air conditions, Wi-Fi, and anything else needed to help you thrive. We definitely take the stress out of traveling around unknown locations and it is far more lucrative to hire us for your executive transportation needs. Our professionals are dressed in exquisite attire and are courteous throughout the whole experience. We will help you get to your next business meeting or event with precision and accuracy!

Contact us today to get started!

If you’re looking for a reliable and versatile executive transportation service, then hire us today and you will find we are at the top of the industry. Our team is looking forward to meeting you and establishing a foundation for future traveling. We will help you deliberate between our options and you’ll find something that is highly suitable for your unique situation. No matter how many people you need to transport in your business group, we can make it happen while fully satisfying everyone. Our services extend to all those in need of a higher solution to public transportation and we will definitely leave a lasting impression. Hire us today to get you around the Virginia Beach area and you’ll get the right van or shuttle bus for the job!