History Tours

The History of Williamsburg

Williamsburg is a town in southeastern Virginia between the York River and the James River just before they drain into the Chesapeake Bay. Nearby is Jamestown, the first permanent English colony in America, established in 1607. Jamestown was the capital of colonial Virginia from 1616 until Williamsburg was built in 1699 specifically to become the new capital, one of the first planned cities.

In 1781 the upstart Americans defeated the British at Yorktown and the colonies became an independent country. The capital of Virginia was moved from Williamsburg to Richmond and Williamsburg settled down to be a quiet little country town. The College of William and Mary had been established even before the town and had several illustrious graduates, such as Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe, and John Tyler.


Numerous homes and buildings built in the colonial period survived into the 20th century, despite the Battle of Williamsburg during the Civil War and the Union occupation. Then in 1926, the pastor of Bruton Parish Church talked John D. Rockefeller, Jr., into funding the restoration of the town, including 88 of the original buildings.

For nearly a century, Williamsburg has been a beautifully restored center for the preservation of the history of colonial times. It is a destination for tourists from every corner of the globe. The town is well worth seeing. You can take your own tour through the restored area or you can gain a great deal more by taking a guided tour.

Private Group Tours

So many group tours press as many people as they can onto large buses, taking them to major sights, giving a brief speech, and letting the tourists wander about for a while. Williamsburg Chauffeur Services doesn’t do things that way. We know that you would want a personalized tour with a small group. That’s why we use SUVs or small buses or vans, or even limousines.

Your guides know the area well. They live here. And they will stay with you to explain and answer questions as they escort you through homes and stores, a tavern, the foundry, the Capitol, the Governor’s Palace, and various other businesses such as a blacksmith’s and a wig maker. Our guides are entertaining and knowledgeable. They will cater to your needs and desires in designing a tour just for you. Whether you just want to see Williamsburg or you want to include Jamestown and Yorktown in your tour is up to you. We do what you want.

Wine Tasting Tours

A half dozen excellent wineries are located near Williamsburg. You will travel in luxury whether you travel a short distance to a winery in Williamsburg or take a longer, relaxing trip through the lovely Virginia countryside to a vineyard farther away. And you will discover delightful new tastes in wines.

Brewery Tours

For those who prefer beer and ale to wine, Williamsburg has several breweries, producing excellent beers. You can also book a tour of the breweries around Charlottesville or Richmond.

The Tacky Lights Tour

This tour is just plain fun. Driving through the Richmond area from November through New Year’s Eve, looking at the holiday displays with the driver providing background and humor, will definitely make your day (or night). Thousands of lights provide the color for creative scenes, both somber and silly. From inflatable Santas to angels and stars, the individual scenes will either mesmerize you or make you laugh. Either way, you will never forget this tour.

If you’re traveling to the Williamsburg area and want to take in the sights, consider doing it in style. You’ll enjoy the best intimate group tours with Williamsburg Chauffeur Services. Whether you love history, enjoy beer or wine, or just want to see the Christmas displays, you’ll do it best with our guides. Call Williamsburg Chauffeur Services today to book your tour and make memories that will last a lifetime.