You might be concerned about commercial aviation as the COVID-19 pandemic has caused the world to shut down almost completely. You may want to invest in charter air travel, and you can use these tips to ensure that you are traveling well, traveling safely, and enjoying your business or leisure trips.

Where Do I Start Investing In Private Jets?

You can start investing in private jets in many different places. You can use an on-demand service, or you can buy a fraction of a jet. You may also want to purchase a jet for your business. Use these tips to ensure that you can travel safely during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

What Are Your Private Jet Options?

Most people get started by taking a one-time charter flight. The charter flight that you schedule is a one-time thing, but it allows you to get where you want to go quickly. These flights are shorter, more comfortable, and might impress your clients. Once you get a taste of charter air travel, you can invest in other charter air services.

You can try fractional ownership or leases to get on a plane when you need to during the year. However, this service is only good for people who fly about 25 hours a year. You may need to step up to jet cards or a company membership if you fly up to 100 hours a year.

If you are flying up to 200 hours a year, you should consider leasing an aircraft or purchasing a fraction of an aircraft. If you fly over 200 hours a year, you may want to consider purchasing an aircraft through a charter service.

You should not work with “friends” who want to offer you a share of their aircraft. It’s always best to work with an official charter company.

On-Demand Charter

On-demand charter is good for anyone who would like to schedule a flight here and there. You can pay into a service like this when you need to get on a plane quickly. You can jump on a flight that was already scheduled, or you can pay a premium to schedule a new flight. You do not have a stake in the plane, but you are working with a company that will get to know you.

The only problem with on-demand charter flights is the charter company may not have flights available at the exact time that you need. You may need to get on someone else’s flight, or you may need to push your flight back a few hours.

Jet Cards And Memberships

Jet cards and memberships are good for anyone who would like to have an established relationship with a charter company. You can use your jet card or membership to schedule a flight, and you have paid a premium through your membership to get on a plane when you want to.

These memberships are perfect for anyone who needs to take a few trips a year, but you may not take enough trips to pay for the membership. You simply need to be sure that you will travel enough every year to pay for your membership. You might also get better prices from an on-demand company for certain destinations.

Who Might You Work With?


NetJets is owned by Warren Buffet and Berkshire-Hathaway. The company offers a range of membership services, and you can use one of several different jets that will accommodate you, the family, or your executive team.

Sentient Jet

This company actually invented the jet card. They also tell you exactly how much everything costs. They have been very popular with people who want to travel to the Caribbean, and their pricing plans are attractive if you like to save money.

VistaJet – XO

VistaJet asks for a three-year commitment, and they ask that you get a jet card that pays for 50 hours of flight every year. At the same time, they use the Bombadier 7500 to make many of your international flights faster. You are getting value and quality service from this company.

Wheels Up

Wheels Up purchased Della Private Jets, and they are growing their business so that they can reach as many people as possible who need to travel on-demand, purchase a share of a plane, or buy a membership.

Jet Linx Aviation

Jet Linx Aviation allows you to use a pay-as-you-go program that you can buy into at any time. They ensure that you can continually book flights without committing too much money to the program upfront.

Fractional Ownership and Leases

When you want to fly more often, you may prefer to buy a fraction of an aircraft. Look at charter companies or leasing businesses that will equate your fraction of the aircraft to the number of hours you wish to fly. For example, an eighth of an aircraft might give you something like 100 hours of flight time per year.

The only problem with fractional ownership is that you are deeply invested in the aircraft even if you are not flying as much this year.

Full Aircraft Ownership

Businesses that can afford to buy a whole aircraft must consider how much it costs to maintain the plane, pay the crew, and license the aircraft. If you are flying well over 200 hours a year, your business likely can afford to simply purchase and brand its own jet.


These tips will ensure that you can invest in the proper airplane, save money, and fly everywhere you need to go without getting on a commercial jet.

Begin and conclude each trip on a private jet with the same safety, luxury, and convenience when you book luxury ground transportation through a chauffeur service.