Proper cleanliness and safety are on the minds of everyone right now. If you spend any amount of time in the back seat of chauffeured transportation, you will feel more confident knowing the proper measures have been taken to disinfect.

The health and well being of our customers is a top concern. Our detailers are skilled at disinfecting, cleaning, and conditioning all of the surfaces found in luxury vehicles, including leather. Continue reading to find out about cleaning luxury cars and keeping them safe for riders.

Benefits of Soap and Water

The coronavirus can not stand up to soap and water. Soap works even better than alcohol or other disinfectants. The surfactants contained in soap break down the virus’ structure. Soap works so well because it dissolves the fat membrane of the virus, causing it to fall completely apart and become inactive. On surfaces, a virus can remain active for hours or even days. That is why the first thing we do after each ride is thoroughly clean our luxury vehicles.

Surface Protection

When disinfecting a car’s interior, there is the potential for unwanted reactions. Detergent and alcohol-based cleaners can cause organic materials to dry out. So how are luxury vehicles sanitized and disinfected without causing damage to the interior? Before washing seats and other surfaces, dirt needs to be removed with a vacuum. Next, cleaning. The following surfaces have special cleaning requirements to help maintain their integrity.

•Door handles and pockets

Use a leather cleaner that contains a mild surfactant and conditioner. For vinyl, a cleaner that contains a mild soap is recommended. To remove dirt and germs from these surfaces, start with a damp cloth. This loosens any dirt or grime. Next vinyl cleaner is used to wipe down the surface completely. Touchscreens lose the anti-glare coating and become blotchy or foggy when cleaned with strong disinfectants. Using soap in a minimal amount of water and a microfiber cloth will safely disinfect touchscreen surfaces. Special attention needs to be given to door handles as they are very frequently touched.

Avoiding Harsh Products

Never use bleach, hydrogen peroxide, or ammonia-based products for cleaning the interior of high-end automobiles. All of these chemicals can damage the vinyl and plastic used in modern luxury vehicles. Disinfecting wipes that do not contain bleach are convenient and effective in cleaning some surfaces. However, thoroughly cleaning with soap and water can rid surfaces of germs and viruses such as coronavirus. Since germs and viruses can be anywhere, clean all touchable surfaces inside and outside the cabins of vehicles. This includes the gas cap, steering wheel, mirrors, switches, and dashboard. Any accessible surfaces need to be cleaned so that nothing is overlooked.

Final Wipe Down

Although cleanliness is a number one priority, the luxury transportation industry understands the importance of protecting your clothing and other items. Once everything is cleaned, a final wipe down is performed to avoid leaving residue. This additional step may help to protect vehicle surfaces and your clothing.

In addition to everything that we have mentioned, begin and end each cleaning by washing hands. Having dirty hands while cleaning would be counterproductive. They also wear proper protection such as gloves. Although no amount of disinfecting is a guarantee, the steps that we take can help minimize the risk. We work hard to ensure your ride is safe, reliable, clean, and luxurious.