When attending a convention with co-workers, you should plan an efficient method to get everyone to each destination. Without careful planning, a pleasant trip can become more troublesome than necessary. The luxury of convention transportation in a private minibus or sprinter means everyone gets to the venue on time and in comfort.

When you book with professional drivers and top-notch services, you can navigate trip hiccups with ease. In addition to group buses and transportation in Williamsburg, here’s what you should keep in mind when making a transportation plan. If you need transportation to a convention, contact Williamsburg Chauffeur Service.

Tips for Safe Convention Transportation

Many cities and convention areas have public and private transportation options, like taxis, buses, or rideshare services. However, these options don’t prioritize professionalism for corporate groups — and they don’t guarantee your entire party will be in one vehicle. You can ease the arrival process and build team cohesion on the way to the venue with charter services.

Follow these four tips to make sure your attendees arrive safely at the convention.

#1. Know Who Is on the List

You cannot plan transportation for people without knowing who they are or details about their needs. Ask several questions when you send the initial RSVP, such as:

  • Are they coming from out of town?
  • Do they intend to bring a plus one?
  • Do they have any disabilities that need accommodations?
  • Do they need pre-transport assistance (like getting to an office for pickup)?

If some people or the entire group travels from out of town, you also need to consider hotel bookings. If the team books several hotels, you can plan shuttle routes to pick up each group at specific times.

#2. Know the Event

Planning for a convention also depends on the type of event you are attending. You may need to know what specific events everyone will attend or the timeframe everyone will be at the convention.

For example, there could be a time when attendees individually attend different parts of the convention. You should ensure everyone arrives on time or early for events and leaves after the last planned event.

That doesn’t necessarily mean you must plan for everyone to be there for the full extent of the convention. You can acquire this information during the RSVP stage.

#3. Research and Monitor the Area

The time and place of the event can affect convention transportation routes. Even if a map application shows that it takes 15 minutes to get to a location, that’s not always true.

For example, if the convention starts at 8 am on a weekday in a major city, expect rush hour traffic. You may need to plan around that traffic or have a plan to get around expected delays.

Other events happening in the same city can affect routes and crowd constriction. Large amounts of people will likely be on the roads whether that’s a usual time for traffic or not.

The CDC’s guide for safe and healthy travel also recommends preparing for sudden health or event issues, which become easier to mitigate with pre-set convention transportation.

#4. Two-Way or Full-Day?

Once you have a rough idea of those specifics, make a transportation plan. Vendors can help you polish the details before you book your charter buses or other transportation. Most events require two-way or full-day transit between the event and the hotel.

Two-way trips work best for full attendance at the entire convention. You can set up a pickup and drop-off spot for everyone to board your vehicle(s) of choice. Chauffeur services can also accommodate individual or door-to-door pickup.

You won’t need to pay for a full day of service since they will pick up and drop off everyone at around the same time. However, do consider boarding and travel times between each destination.

Full-day shuttles work best for events where you can come and go as you please. In this case, you can think about it like a temporary bus route. Consider pickup and drop-off spots, route congestion, the number of vehicles necessary, and more.

Rely on Williamsburg Chauffeur Service for Professional Corporate Transportation

At Williamsburg Chauffeur Service, we provide premium convention transportation services in Williamsburg, VA, with top-quality customer service for a comfortable experience. Our team can help you plan your routes, estimate shuttle times, and ensure the comfort of your convention attendees. We can also make traveling less stressful with a group bus for events that require longer-distance travel.

For more information on our exceptional transportation services, call Williamsburg Chauffeur Service at (757) 927-5049 today.