Williamsburg, Virginia, is among the nation’s most popular tourist destinations. If you’re planning Williamsburg sightseeing, keep reading to discover every tip you need for an excellent trip. When you’re considering your transportation options, reach out to Williamsburg Chauffeur Service, which provides the best group buses and transportation in Williamsburg.

The Best Williamsburg Sightseeing Tips

As a snapshot of the American Revolution and colonialism, Williamsburg provides an amazing opportunity for both learning and entertainment. Here’s what to consider while planning your trip.

Know When to Visit

While tourists can find something fun in Williamsburg year-round, travel experts consider certain times better than others. October provides the best weather for outdoor activities and offers stunning fall colors to enhance the experience. If your situation restricts you to summer travel, May and June have the best moderate temperature.

If you travel in the winter, the area looks particularly beautiful under a layer of snow, and you’ll experience smaller crowds, which can increase your overall enjoyment.

Know What to Pack

What you pack depends partly upon what you plan on doing in Williamsburg. Based on the variety of attractions in the area, visitors find the following items most useful to pack:

  • Golf clubs: The area around Williamsburg has several prominent golf courses. If golf is in your plans, pack your clubs. You can also save some space and rent clubs at the course.
  • Swimsuits: Water Country USA is the largest water park in Virginia, and many hotels also have pools or water attractions. Bring your suit so you can enjoy the water.
  • Comfortable shoes: Most activities in Williamsburg involve prolonged walking. Bring comfortable shoes so your feet don’t ache and you can enjoy everything the city has to offer.
  • SD card: You’ll take a lot of pictures in Williamsburg. Back up your phone and pack extra storage so you won’t worry about having enough memory to store all your own photos.

Plan Transportation

The most challenging aspect of Williamsburg sightseeing is driving from one area to the next. If you’re not part of a larger group, study the area before you go and confirm you have the maps downloaded to your phone.

If you’re part of a larger group, such as a visiting school or historical society, consider renting a group bus to keep everyone together and traveling in comfort.

Visit the Best Sites

With an overwhelming number of attractions, tourists can struggle to prioritize the best sites. The following are the most common:

  • Living history museum: Colonial Williamsburg functions as one large museum, with actors walking around as though it were the late 18th century. The area covers almost one square mile and provides a completely immersive experience.
  • Historic Jamestowne: This historic settlement contains another immersive museum experience where visitors learn about the early colonists and Native Americans. The site also contains galleries and videos to help enhance the educational experience.
  • Special events: Williamsburg always has special events taking place, and they’re one-of-a-kind experiences you won’t want to miss. From Juneteenth celebrations to demonstrations of colonial sewing, you can find all available special events by looking at the Williamsburg events schedule.
  • Historic taverns: Choose from one of the four historic taverns to enjoy a meal like the colonists would. Don’t worry; they have vegetarian and gluten-free options, too. You’ll wait up to an hour on busy days, but it’s worth it.
  • Yorktown battlefield: You can find a free tour of the battlefield using an app on your phone, and on many Saturdays, you can experience fife and drum performances.
  • Busch Gardens: As the most famous theme park in Virginia, Busch Gardens contains an innovative roller coaster, amazing concerts, and fun for the entire family.

Book in Advance

As a center for experiencing American history, Williamsburg is a popular destination for group travel. Many attractions and special events fill up quickly, so if you know what you want to experience, book your tickets in advance.

You can purchase tickets for most places online. Some specific events or attractions within Williamsburg or other historic areas require buying additional admission not covered in the general ticket.

Hire Williamsburg Chauffeur Service for Transportation Around Williamsburg

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