Now paying homage to all things Irish and celebrated worldwide, St. Patrick’s Day started in the 17th century as a religious feast honoring the patron saint of The Emerald Isle. The holiday falls every year on the same day on the calendar, March the 17th, and this is one of the day’s few consistent verities.

St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated during the middle of Lent, and it has come to be associated with the enjoyment of fine food and beverage, often with a Celtic twist, and it is common, almost a custom, to lift a glass of lager in good company. This is why a professional car service providing a festive bus makes a great addition to the holiday!

Irish Eyes Are Smiling

“Kiss Me, I’m Irish!” The prevailing theory has it that this is a wayward reference to kissing the Blarney Stone; a kiss, it is said, that bestows the gift of the gab. So, kissing an Irish person brings good fortune, too, as an ambassador from the Emerald Isle!

Drowning the Shamrock

The shamrock’s good luck began as a revered pagan symbol; later it was used to explain the Holy Trinity.

In Ireland, it’s been said that fortune smiles upon those who “drown” the shamrock. To drown, dunk the shamrock into a glass of whiskey; then drink the whisky. At the bottom is the shamrock. Toss it over your left shoulder. When downing a Shamrock, leaving the driving to the professionals means that you and your friends are free to celebrate in style!

Pot O’ Gold

Leprechauns, those cool creatures, have been a linchpin of Celtic tales for centuries. Originally, they are thought to have dressed in red, but in the 1900s going green started to become intertwined with Irish culture. Since leprechauns are Irish, ipso facto, they go green. As do beer and rivers in Chicago. Leprechauns are often shown leaning against outsized pots of gold. Humans can’t find this gold, needing a leprechaun to show the stash.


Many people believe that wearing green clothing on this day brings good luck. And Ireland is known as the “Emerald Isle.”

It’s also good to wear green in acknowledgment of the lore that leprechauns can’t see you if you’re dressed like a leaf. And if they can see you, then they will pinch you! It would take a stouter character than the average leprechaun possesses to resist! Because green is good, it’s also good to pinch someone for not wearing green. It’s a natural progression of thought and a solid favor for the leprechauns, who can’t be everywhere all at once on this special night.

Drive, He Said

Saint Patrick is beloved for having driven the snakes out of Ireland. Wherever you want to be on this special night, we are an experienced, professional luxury transportation company committed to your comfort, safety, and pleasure. Whether you want to meet up with friends, bar hop, or enjoy a party bus, there is the perfect transportation to meet your needs.

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Celebrate the traditions of Saint Patrick’s Day with ease, elegance, safety, and the dramatic entrance when you enjoy the services of a professional limo service. Experience a customized and private festive bus to celebrate St. Paddy’s Day your way and on your schedule. Explore more about how Williamsburg Chauffeur Services can make your day extra special!